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Johan Liebert
14 December 2009 @ 12:00 am


Johan Liebert
15 June 2009 @ 01:21 am
Lieber verrückte Hutmacher

It has been far too long since we have enjoyed one another's company. I happen to be free this Tuesday afternoon. I would be most honored if you would grace me with your presence for tea at my humble estate. There is something I wish to discuss. I suspect it will please you.

Alles Liebe


Johan Liebert
24 November 2008 @ 12:11 pm
Hostess: And now it's my pleasure to announce... the man who's being called a hero in the political world, and (laughs) the most handsome senator I've ever seen... Johan Liebert!


Hostess: Welcome to the show.

Johan: Thank you.

Hostess: So, you've been seen as someone who smashes through the rigid boundaries of political parties. You won that last election with a landslide... Liberal, Conservative, none of it played a factor when it came to you. Why do you think that is? Are you just that inspirational messiah everyone's been blogging about?

Johan: (laughs) That's very flattering, but I really think it was about the message more than about me. The people were tired of seeing a Liberal majority in our Senate, tired of aging incumbents making the same mistakes for twenty years, and they were just ready to see someone with the youthful determination to restore the city to its former glory.

Hostess: And speaking of youth, and this is the really incredible part to me... You're only twenty years old!

Johan: Yes, that's right.

Hostess: Most guys your age are too busy thinking about frat parties and beer pong to even consider politics.

Johan: (laughs)

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Johan Liebert
05 October 2008 @ 01:19 pm
It's a wonderful age we live in, isn't it? Technology provides us with the means to communicate with millions of people, no matter where they are or who they are. This network is an especially wonderful tool for public figures whose duty is to serve the people.

Which is precisely why I've decided to start this blog. The workings of our government can seem like some great esoteric mystery, the stuff of old men in fancy suits huddled in a dark room discussing the fate of the city, something hidden away from the "commoner". I have to laugh at this sort of image, although such romantic antiquities are treasured by some of my liberal acquaintances who believe they are, indeed, more qualified to make decisions for the public rather than carrying out the public's true wishes.

However, the will of the public is what I am concerned with, so I reach out to you, the people, directly through this marvelous little box we call a computer. In addition to discussing the decisions of our Senate, I am willing to personally listen to your thoughts, your concerns, even your fears.

So what is on your mind today, NeoGenesis?
Johan Liebert
05 September 2008 @ 11:14 pm
Security To Increase at Abyss Border
ELYSIUM - Today the Senate voted in favor of a bill proposed by Senator Johan Liebert to improve security measures at the border station which connects Abyss to Terra.

The bill allotted significant funds to the building and maintenance of a barrier zone which is set to contain at least three security checkpoints. Anyone traveling to and from Abyss may be subject to random searches of luggage and person at these checkpoints.

Metal detectors and X-ray machines will also be installed and must be passed through at every checkpoint.
When asked about the delays these measures will cause on the commute to and from Abyss, Senator Liebert replied, "Our research indicated that very few people actually commute between Terra and Abyss for work. For those that do, I hope they will forgive a few minutes of inconvenience for the sake of the city's safety."

Additionally, travelers on the Terra-Abyss line will no longer be allowed to carry any type of sharp object, including scissors, utility knives, or nail files. Liquids and gels must now be carried in a 3 oz. or smaller container.
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Johan Liebert
My fellow citizens of NeoGenesis, I am truly humbled by the faith you have placed in me as your new Senator. I appreciate the careful consideration of each and every one of you, and extend my respect to my rivals as well. In the end, I was chosen by the people to help lead this great city into a new age, but I firmly believe that we, all of us, are working for those better days.

In all honesty, I'm glad the campaign is over. Not because I stand honored before you today, although I am honored, but because this means that at long last I can turn my attention to fulfilling all the promises I made to you. NeoGenesis, we are living in dark times. The darkest, perhaps, that we have ever faced. In the hands of a liberal Senate, we have seen crime rates soar, even watched our lax police forces sit back while a young woman was murdered by a lunatic in an act that was little more than a game to him.

No more! In electing me, the people of the city stood to declare, "We must return to an age of stronger values!" And yes, citizens, you are absolutely correct. Leftists have allowed our borders to relax, allowing scum like this... this Joker character to creep up from the underworld, to destroy the peace that honest people have worked so hard to build. No more! I stand with you now to serve as your voice. The pollution of our society will not be allowed as long as I am in office. The people and the government can now stand together to fight this battle.

Thank you, NeoGenesis, for inviting me to help you cleanse this city.
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Johan Liebert
21 April 2000 @ 06:06 am
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Johan Liebert
21 April 2000 @ 06:06 am
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Johan Liebert
21 April 2000 @ 06:01 am
Nina Fortner
ZRCADLIT ϫ twin sister
Arguably the only person Johan is capable of loving, he has kept careful watch on her all these years while she has no idea he exists. An obsession, an inspiration, and possibly the only thing that can keep the darkness away.
BIRD 0F HERMES ϫ servant
An inheritance of sorts, Johan discovered Alucard while investigating his own history and lineage. The vampire once served his family and now swears loyalty to him, taking the form of his young female ward.
HYPERMONK ϫ bodyguard
Johan rescued Genkaku from his life as a lab rat at the research facility and the bloodthirsty monk has been loyal to him since. Officially he works as Johan's bodyguard but his work for Johan involves much more than protection.
A supernatural criminal that Johan was very happy to add to his collection, Nataku caught the senator's eye when he murdered an innocent bystander at a crime scene with his bare hand. He currently lives in Johan's mansion.
Yoh Takami
COERCER ϫ son?
A boy who is convinced that Johan is his real father. Johan believes he might prove useful at some point, so he has kindly taken the boy into his home. Their relationship is rather distant despite this apparent kindness.
Natalia Alfroskaya
Satisfied that she was just psychotic enough to fit in with the rest of his menagerie, Johan hired this immigrant woman as his primary housekeeper. They rarely speak but their relationship is cordial enough.