Hilfe! Hilfe!

Das Monstrum im mir wird explodieren!

Johan Liebert
1909666 : Johan Liebert
SERIES : Monster
AGE : 20
OCCUPATION : Senator (Conservative Party)
LEVEL : Elysium
RESIDENCE : Liebert Mansion
CONTACT : e-mailphoneooc
PERSONALITY : On the surface he is a kind and compassionate young man. He listens patiently to anyone who wants to open their hearts to him, comforts them, and offers wise advice. And then, once he has gained their trust... another side of Johan emerges. His reassuring words shift to gentle urging down a darker path. And then he sits back and watches as the seed he planted grows. Inside, he is a remorseless monster. He wants to watch the world destroy itself. He wants to be the last survivor.
APPEARANCE : Johan is noted by everyone who has seen him to be exceptionally beautiful, with perfect Aryan features and an altogether angelic appearance. He has fine, effeminate bone structure and a very light build, although this is usually disguised by his business attire. Neither tall nor short, he does not look threatening but there is an undeniable confidence in the way he carries himself. His coloring is pale: porcelain skin, platinum blonde hair, and sky blue eyes. His hair and clothes are always neatly kept and nothing save his beautiful face makes him stand out much in a crowd. He simply exudes... pleasantness.
ABILITIES : He can talk. And this is not an ability to merely shrug off. Johan's ability to speak to people is ostensibly supernatural, comparable to mind control. His charisma is off the charts and very few who have not witnessed his acts of violence themselves would ever suspect him of being what he is. He can, and does, kill people simply by talking them in to suicide. He also rallies thousands of followers to his side, from political leaders to gang members to little children. His power lies in the fact that he is automatically liked and trusted by everyone. And not only is he an intellectual genius, his intuition is tantamount to clairvoyance. He seems to know what everyone is thinking and what they are about to do, which only further helps him to manipulate them.
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